Making plans last year, I decided that this year some things would change (or not). I decided I’d study more and beyond to study, I’d share a bit of aquired knowledge. Nothing better than start to write a blog, I think this is the easiest way to share knowledge, receive feedback e measure the impact of the produced content.

###Blog Content

On this blog, I will post about web technologies. As I know more about Front end development, probably that will be the subject that you will see more here. But, I will post about stuff that I will be studying, then you could find some posts about Back end development, as PHP, Python, Scala and others.

###Comments and Feedbacks Every comment and feedback will be welcome :) I just want to remember this is not just the place where I share knowledge, but also where I learn. As a human in constantly evolution, I make some mistakes, so, if I write something wrong here, please, correct me.

###Get in touch Questions, comments or suggestions, send me an e-mail, ou no Twitter @vinicius_dacal